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A Journey to Wellness


Small Talk Live on Instagram Timetable
1. 01.11.20 @vesnasaltacelo
2. 04.11.20 @dirainternational
3. 06.11.20 @eatburnsleep
4. 09.11.20 @rhodine_albalushi
5. 10.11.20 @dr.nawal.n
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My family and I would love for you to join us on our journey to a healthier lifestyle 🤞🏻💪🏼
Fabulous since 1975 👄

Fabulous since 1975💋

As we age, you also learn that the “0” to “4” at the end of our age is fantastic, and once we hit the “5,” like 45, (we) at least i did- round up.
We are essentially 50 and everyone knows it 😉😘
I believe the this second half of the 90- decades goes faster.
Has it been proven (not sure) but with the way life is probably!!
Personally I can tell that I am in the late half of the decade because people say, “Wow, you look good… for your age,” when i tell them my age. This by the way is the contortionist (look it up in the dictionary if you dont know the meaning) version of a compliment. You see we take it, coz it is as good as it gets.🤷🏻‍♀️
By starting my 45th chapter I have decided not to pretend to like all the people I know (they know who they are or will soon find out).
I am grateful to know of all the conversations I dont have to make anymore have to make with idiots who think they are smarter than me. 🤭
Oops did I say that, yes I did – And here’s a curveball attitude that I come with now “live with it”🤪
I know no one is impressed or thinks my turning 45 is a big deal but I felt like making it a big deal, and enjoy my life behind the scenes and with the world. 🥰🖤

When I turned 45 – 24.07.20

So in lieu of celebrating this year, I thought I’d share my list of the first 10 of the 45 things I’ve learned in 45 years on this planet.
These are the kind of things I wish I could have told my younger, twenty-something self when I was anxious about life in general.
But my biggest hope is that maybe one or two of these things will help you, no matter what age you are, or where you are in your life.
That said, I am grateful for the path my life has taken and what I have learned along the way.

My last day of being 44 🥰❤

Mom to the most amazing boy 🥰❤ my life NK ❤
Wife to the Fab. Mr. AS ❤ @k9.educator

Thank you for making it to the bottom if my list. And hope you enjoyed it. I wonder if I will make a big deal of 46 😉🤣 on social media

Photo credits the Fab Mr. AS ❤ @k9.educator