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Fabulous since 1975💋

As we age, you also learn that the “0” to “4” at the end of our age is fantastic, and once we hit the “5,” like 45, (we) at least i did- round up.
We are essentially 50 and everyone knows it 😉😘
I believe the this second half of the 90- decades goes faster.
Has it been proven (not sure) but with the way life is probably!!
Personally I can tell that I am in the late half of the decade because people say, “Wow, you look good… for your age,” when i tell them my age. This by the way is the contortionist (look it up in the dictionary if you dont know the meaning) version of a compliment. You see we take it, coz it is as good as it gets.🤷🏻‍♀️
By starting my 45th chapter I have decided not to pretend to like all the people I know (they know who they are or will soon find out).
I am grateful to know of all the conversations I dont have to make anymore have to make with idiots who think they are smarter than me. 🤭
Oops did I say that, yes I did – And here’s a curveball attitude that I come with now “live with it”🤪
I know no one is impressed or thinks my turning 45 is a big deal but I felt like making it a big deal, and enjoy my life behind the scenes and with the world. 🥰🖤


Peanut Butter & BR

So I have been away for a few weeks now, and honestly its just been a bit tough, so much has happened in the last 10 months. Hence the peanut butter and BR


  • biggest change by self choice was that I became a Single Mom after 10 years – EMBRACING SINGLEHOOD.
  • in less than 8 months starting before single mommyhood hit me was the weight loss 84kg in total with just diet, gym and  determination nothing else (this started before the separation and then divorce)
  • dealing with the unwanted physical change of weight loss – the excess and saggy skin 
  • starting my professional and personal life from scratch – coz I was working for the ex husband 
  • decided that the ex husband and I need to be friends for the sake of our son, which led to an amicable divorce, we are friends. 🙂 – its hard, but has to be done! seen too many damaged kids from nasty splits!! my son is more important that any one or anything.
  • my parents became became a bit ill (just age) during different times, am an only child.
  • as of this weekend i have officially become socially in incapacitated 🙂
  • I have had a few week days where peanut butter and baskin and robins were my best friends is that over?? not sure!


Motivating my Son

As they get older, it can be a challenge for kids to get enough daily activity. Reasons include increasing demands of school, a feeling among some kids that they aren’t good at sports, a lack of active role models, and busy working families.

And even if kids have the time and the desire to be active, parents may not feel comfortable letting them freely roam the neighborhood as kids did generations ago. So their opportunities might be limited.

In spite of these barriers, parents can instill a love of activity and help kids fit it into their everyday lives. Doing so can set healthy patterns that will last into adulthood.

So we celebrated my Little One’s Fifth Birthday :-), and  the first place I  took him (which I do on occasion) was the GYM, to help mama with the counting of her exercises – hehehe

I am proud to say that he has started a change in his eating habits and sports is always encouraged

“Our children are the lives we create and need to protect, by providing them the right tools”

 quote by MOI 🙂

A Difficult Week

So this week has been exceptionally difficult as far as my diet and GYM routine has been concerned.

what I should not have done but did:

  • missed 2 days of the GYM
  • indulged in a slice of cheese cake, pasta, a wee bit of cotton candy and some bread – just to satisfy an unnecessary need
  • Slept a lot – my body is tired

what I did do to turn it around:

  • took my son and Nadia to fly a Kite
  • my GYM and Coach Carlos are awesome – he is like a therapist to me
  • let my vanity get the better of me – fat is not ok
  • went back to the GYM no excuses
  • my besties are the best really are – I have 3 in muscat Oman, 1 in Hungary,  2 in the USA, 2 in the UK
  • Did my Hair

Below are some Pictures and Snaps … you can also follow me on mspeachy18 (18 being the my son’s bith date)



MyZone 2.0 Moves


It is a Physical Activity Belt.

Unlike other activity trackers that only count steps and estimate calories burned, the MYZONE belt monitors your heart rate to determine effort exerted during exercise. The technology guarantees accurate and personalized results that will help you make the most of your workouts. MYZONE also features a unique point system that levels the playing field no matter how fit you are, and rewards effort, not fitness.

What my Chart was Like on Friday 2nd March 2018. which is also monitored by my Personal Trainers

Highly recommended for those who are on a mission of weight-loss and who are regulars at the GYM.



My GYM Essentials

These are my GYM Essentials:

  1. Phones and key belt – not for chatting but for music
  2. Headphones
  3. Nikki Gloves
  4. MyZone Belt – to keep a track of my workout range
  5. Apple Watch
  6. Clear Mascaŕa
  7. My lip Balm
  8. Amouage – Perfume
  9. Vitamine E syrum for my skin
  10. My Shoes
  11. And water to keep hydrated

How We Trigger Over Eating

So I have learnt that while I have been on this journey of self motivation to changing my life, I have came to the realization that that we are what we eat. Well I became what I ate.

I have come to the realization through experience that typical calorie restriction behaviors like limiting or cutting out certain foods caused psychological damage (Laughing). Shall we call it a “Diet backlash” that occurred with me, where even the thought of a “forbidden” food was enough to set me off and head me in the direction of over eating.

I felt that as soon as I TOLD myself I COULD NOT have something, it became impossible to stop thinking about it – Am sure I am not in this on my own.

The more I tried not to eat certain foods, the more I was inclined to overeat!! and once I had access to them, I would be like lets do this (eat) since who knows will I be able to eat these yummy foods again. . The cycle continued.

My Conclusion for my self and I think for many others globally is as follows:

“food restriction, followed by deprivation,  caused my overeating, then guilt.”

I have learnt to say NO! 90% of the time, and if i feel like eating something then I take a bite (this is rare), but I do.

Once upon a Time
Once Upon A Time “eating cotton candy ” When I saw this I had to write this Blog Post

It is not OK to be FAT – WIP

“I should be accepted the way I am” would always be the little voice speaking to me. March/APRIL 2017 I reached my maximum weight which was 392 LB / 178 KG – that is what the scale said to me Last.

I saw my son beginning to develop really minor traits of his father and myself, of eating junk and it was a wake up call. I had grown up thinking that fat was ok, my mom had been fat (she lost more than half her body weight too later in life), some aunts etc. Yes the “loose weight” lectures were always given, but we don’t take heed to it.

I had to change that, so in March/April 2017 I started cutting down on my food. May 28th 2017, I joined Elite GYM with a personal trainer Coach Mohammed.

APRIL 2017: 392 LB / 178 KG, UK Size 34/36 (i did reach 36/38)

BY December 2017: 229 LB / 104  KG, UK SIZE 18/20

For the last nearly 2 months (2018) I have reached a Plato stage where my weight is STUCK at 207 – 217 LB / 94 – 98 KG,  UK SIZE 14. this has been done without any surgery, just diet and exercise.


WhatsApp Image 2017-10-22 at 5.01.44 PM

WhatsApp Image 2017-12-23 at 5.33.23 PM
December 23rd 2017