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The Diet Challenge for Fun

I am starting this tomorrow for one week:

Remember to stay HYDRATED, drink a lot of water



Support Group Necessity – Reach Out

the Battle of the bulge is not easy:  we become moody, edgy, irritable, touchy and so much more. So its easy to give up and fall of the wagon. That is why a support group is necessary.

So I have been Lucky that I have my own little support group with me, its been a bumpy ride but we are getting there.

So when I started my weight loss journey and decided to join the GYM my mom laughed as did the immediate family who are close to me. You see I had done this so many times  no one thought I would manage to pull it off.

Don’t get me wrong, they were tired of my joining the GYM and not going through and they all thought “ok another failed attempt” But this time what no one realized was that I have had blessings sent to me (everything happens for a reason) :

  • My Son Noah – my Miracle (A gift from God);

  • A Girl Called Nadia Khan from London

    • there is so much I can say and yet it would not be enough (she is another beautiful soul that has walked the walk with me & still is)

    • she joined the GYM with me

    • she came with me relentlessly for months & due to busy life schedules we try to work out together when possible

    • stood by me through it all – a backbone

  • another called Christin from Berlin – but she’s more Omani now 🙂

    • a force to reckon with as well

    • my rock & backbone

    • another beautiful soul who has walked the walk & still is

  • and sitting in Budapest is my Sister Anna Maria who lives on the 4th floor, without a lift (you can imagine how many times I cursed her coz I had walk up 94 steps and down 94 steps) 😉

    • my globe-trotter

    • someone who has stood by me from across the continents

    • another soul sent to me, a force to be reckoned with and my pillars of strength

the above was how it started, along the way the circle increased

  • my Coaches

  • Mum & Dad, they started to believe (they are my parents always stood by me, but as far as loosing weight was concerned it was hard for them to believe)

  • Princess Ash & Khali (uncle) Shez from Manchester – my cousins

  • Hilal Al Habsi – Someone who Believes & true to his word

  • Ahmed Al Omairi – training us now a friend & brother

  • Eva Stanley Jones – Making it Happen, like a breath of Fresh Air

  • the gyms

  • my online supporters

  • those who only say they support – talk is cheap 

There are those that would like to remain anonymous & those that breezed in and out of my life, bringing or teaching us something positive in life.

Everyone needs support something or someone to fall back on … as the shrinking arab feel free to contact me for that, I know how it feels:

  • email: info@thechrinkingarab.com

  • instagram: theshrinkingarab

“Creating My Own Stepping Stones” 

Why My Weakness is Temporary

In my earlier post I mentioned if this weakness is over… well it has to be !!! I am made of steel and “I am bringing sexy back at a sexy pace”


WhatsApp Image 2018-04-28 at 23.17.13
this was at my peak beyond 180++ Kg’s

WhatsApp Image 2018-04-08 at 22.09.03I will be the change andWhatsApp Image 2018-03-26 at 11.32.09

“I will be the change”

Motivating my Son

As they get older, it can be a challenge for kids to get enough daily activity. Reasons include increasing demands of school, a feeling among some kids that they aren’t good at sports, a lack of active role models, and busy working families.

And even if kids have the time and the desire to be active, parents may not feel comfortable letting them freely roam the neighborhood as kids did generations ago. So their opportunities might be limited.

In spite of these barriers, parents can instill a love of activity and help kids fit it into their everyday lives. Doing so can set healthy patterns that will last into adulthood.

So we celebrated my Little One’s Fifth Birthday :-), and  the first place I  took him (which I do on occasion) was the GYM, to help mama with the counting of her exercises – hehehe

I am proud to say that he has started a change in his eating habits and sports is always encouraged

“Our children are the lives we create and need to protect, by providing them the right tools”

 quote by MOI 🙂

A Difficult Week

So this week has been exceptionally difficult as far as my diet and GYM routine has been concerned.

what I should not have done but did:

  • missed 2 days of the GYM
  • indulged in a slice of cheese cake, pasta, a wee bit of cotton candy and some bread – just to satisfy an unnecessary need
  • Slept a lot – my body is tired

what I did do to turn it around:

  • took my son and Nadia to fly a Kite
  • my GYM and Coach Carlos are awesome – he is like a therapist to me
  • let my vanity get the better of me – fat is not ok
  • went back to the GYM no excuses
  • my besties are the best really are – I have 3 in muscat Oman, 1 in Hungary,  2 in the USA, 2 in the UK
  • Did my Hair

Below are some Pictures and Snaps … you can also follow me on mspeachy18 (18 being the my son’s bith date)



MyZone 2.0 Moves


It is a Physical Activity Belt.

Unlike other activity trackers that only count steps and estimate calories burned, the MYZONE belt monitors your heart rate to determine effort exerted during exercise. The technology guarantees accurate and personalized results that will help you make the most of your workouts. MYZONE also features a unique point system that levels the playing field no matter how fit you are, and rewards effort, not fitness.

What my Chart was Like on Friday 2nd March 2018. which is also monitored by my Personal Trainers

Highly recommended for those who are on a mission of weight-loss and who are regulars at the GYM.



How We Trigger Over Eating

So I have learnt that while I have been on this journey of self motivation to changing my life, I have came to the realization that that we are what we eat. Well I became what I ate.

I have come to the realization through experience that typical calorie restriction behaviors like limiting or cutting out certain foods caused psychological damage (Laughing). Shall we call it a “Diet backlash” that occurred with me, where even the thought of a “forbidden” food was enough to set me off and head me in the direction of over eating.

I felt that as soon as I TOLD myself I COULD NOT have something, it became impossible to stop thinking about it – Am sure I am not in this on my own.

The more I tried not to eat certain foods, the more I was inclined to overeat!! and once I had access to them, I would be like lets do this (eat) since who knows will I be able to eat these yummy foods again. . The cycle continued.

My Conclusion for my self and I think for many others globally is as follows:

“food restriction, followed by deprivation,  caused my overeating, then guilt.”

I have learnt to say NO! 90% of the time, and if i feel like eating something then I take a bite (this is rare), but I do.

Once upon a Time
Once Upon A Time “eating cotton candy ” When I saw this I had to write this Blog Post