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How Far I have Come

2017 I think January, I look at this and I can’t understand the beginning or the end of me. You see some roads maybe longer than others, my battle will likely be different, but we can all get there the same way and that’s by starting, and never giving up 😍
I have a long but short way to go. when I go back and look at how far I have come not only physically but mentally I am so incredibly proud of myself. I hope that you guys are living a life that makes you proud? I hope that this gives you a little bit of motivation to know it is definitely possible! 💯 What have I learned since last year when being morbidly obese. In this journey you have to start over nearly everyday. No matter how good or bad the day before was, I learned to start over.
New focus. New patience. New kindness to myself. It’s changed the game. I’ve stopped looking at so many things in my life as definitive failure and started simply seeing them as growing opportunities. It affects every part of us. Being patient. Being kind, to myself & others. Keep trying. Every single day.
Just start over. You didn’t fail. You don’t fail unless you quit.
I love you all thank you ❤

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