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ما شاء الله تبارك الرحمن ربي يحميه ويحفظه
My gift from the heavens above ❤ the awesome NK ❤殺 I am not here to please anyone. I live by my rules.
The change is slow and steady. Choose wisely.

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What is IFRS 16?

A little about me: I come from the world of finance so i have decided to add my professional writings in my blog as well.

IFRS 16 (International Financial Reporting Standard) is:

  • a new standard for lease accounting which came into effect in January 2019
  • Replacing the existing IAS 17 lease accounting standard
  • It’s been put together by the International Accounting Standards Board (IASB).

Initially it seems slightly complicated – the part which could have been a nightmare, but when I took a closer look it is fairly straightforward to understand, but could be less so to implement.

So My colleague made it so easy for me and here I will try to make it easier for you to walk through the pros, cons and implications for your business accounting and who knows maybe even come up with a suggestion or two to make it simpler still.

What’s different under IFRS 16?

The changes apply to the way accounting is done for lease agreements that companies take out on property, plant and equipment (PPE).

Earlier this was divided into:

  • finance leases and
  • operating leases.

You see operating leases were not included in balance sheets as assets but were simply added to profit and loss accounts.

The prime IFRS 16 change is:

  •  Most leased items should to be included as an asset in the company books, following the new ‘right of use’ model which says:

‘A contract is, or contains, a lease if it conveys the right to control the use of an identified asset for a period of time in exchange for consideration’ (IFRS16, par.9)’

  • The payments you make on the lease agreement have to be reported as a liability on your balance sheet.
  • The accounting can be further complicated :
    • as costs for maintenance,
    • cleaning etc

have to be separated from the main lease payments, if they’re included in them, and reported separately.

  • The depreciation of the asset and interest on the lease liability have to be shown on your profit and loss accounts.
  • Asset shall be recognized under recognition criteria of IAS 16 Property i.e. depreciation or revaluation as consistent with its class of assets. The lease liability would be paid off over time using the actuarial method. Lease payments would reduce the lease liability when paid.

One pluses for IFRS 16 is that, if your company carries a number of lease agreements, it can be possible to combine them into a portfolio, instead of having to individually report them. This can only be done if you can show that there is no financial advantage for you in doing this.

Now the Exceptions to the rule

There are two specific types of lease which don’t come under IFRS 16 and which don’t have to be entered on the balance sheet as an asset:

  1. A lease with a shorter than 12-month term and which does not have an option to buy the leased item at the end of the lease.
  2. Underlying assets has a low value currently defined as less than US$5000.

Why the changes?

The change objective is so the companies all record the leased items as assets in the same way, making their existence more transparent financially.

In the past, some businesses could or would hold large liabilities on their operating leases but keep them off the balance sheets, giving a twisted view of their overall financial status.

How does IFRS 16 apply to my business?

The changes will only apply to:

  • a PLC or a company that already reports to IFRS

IFRS 16 disadvantages

  • Businesses leasing assets will appear from their balance sheets to be more asset-rich, but they will also appear to carry a bigger debt burden
  • Will affect your key accounting and financial ratios. This may decrease the firm’s potential attractiveness to investors and its ability to raise finance.
  • It might also lead to problems if you already have banking pledges in place which specify, that a exact level of profitability must be maintained for existing bank agreements to continue – it could affect funding

A simplified summary

The major changes to your financial reporting needed to comply with IFRS 16:

  • The requirement to identify and show on your balance sheet the right to use an item as an asset and your commitment to make payments for it as a liability.
  • The need to collect all the information on the leases
    •  term,
    • rental payable,
    • end-of-term options etc.

and then remove and show separately the payments which are not applicable to IFRS 16.

HM Sultan Qaboos -The Father and His Nation

OMAN, November 18, 2019 49 years of visionary leadership , Happy National Day Oman & Happy Birthday to an Amazing Leader that we (nationally & internationally) are privileged to know.

God made only one of him and we are blessed with calling him our Sultan, our Pride and Joy:

  • 23rd of July 1970
  • HM Sultan Qaboos assumes power and unifies the country under the Sultanate of Oman.
  • Oman enters into the world and starts to become a modern state.

As an Arab country that has developed in a short period of time, Oman has successfully maintained its identity, unique culture, traditions and heritage.

This hard work and determination of the Omani people was lead by the clear vision of Qaboos Bin Said, the Sultan of Oman.

Did you know that in 1970

  • we had 3 school,
  • two hospitals and
  • approx. 10 km of road
  • Oman’s Sultans are included in the US Constitution as to be received by the President.
  • The rest of the rulers are received by the Secretary of State.
  • This is because The Sultanate of Oman was The First Country to Recognize The formation of the USA & Send an Ambassador to the USA.

 Cultural Diversity 

  • To understand the people and the culture you must understand the history
  • Oman’s diverse society today is a direct result of the history
  • Arab/ Africa/ Asian/ Persian/ Western influences have shaped the Omani
  • As a result, many languages are spoken in Oman • Arabic is the official language • Swahili, Katchi, Balushi, Jabali, Shuhi, Ajmi, Hindi etc.

  • 1507 – Portugese partially occupy Oman
  • 1650 – Expulsion of Portugese
  • 1737 – Persians invade
  • 1749 – Ahmed Bin Said becomes the first AlBusaid imam
  • 1750 – 1841 Al Busaid Dynasty create an empire that rules from Parts of Indian subcontinent to the east coast of Africa
  • 1842 – Zanzibar is split from Muscat and Oman
  • 1843 – Sultanate Muscat & Oman created
  • 1888 – Sultan Faisal bin Turki takes throne
  • 1915 – Interior tribes ride on Muscat
  • 1920 – Treaty of Sib is signed1932 – Sultan Said bin Taimur assumes throne
  • 1958 – Sultan Said bin Taimur regains control of the interior
  • 1964 – Oil reserves are discovered; extraction begins in 1967

I  had a so much to say and write and realized it all comes down to this:

We pray and ask God to keep him safe and in good health for all of us. And are blessed to be a part of Oman. Personally I can’t help being emotional about it, but a simple and humble thank you to  for giving us and Oman all that you have, and all of you.

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Stop wishing for a better figure, and start loving yourself first

Hello my name is Amal Al Khaburi! I am 44 years old current weight 94 kg finally heading to a healthy weight. Which started 2  years ago, where I weighed 396 LBS/over 180++ kgs.

You see I have never been “the skinny girl” in fact I have spent my whole life overweight. I have been the butt of many jokes, and in general I have used food to comfort myself. I have been through many trials in my 44 years that haven’t helped my weight situation. In 2013 it all changed. I gave birth to my perfect little boy, Noah, weigh was 352 LBS/160 kg give or take. He came into my life exactly when I needed him, as I was going through so much in my personal life. 2017 was when it all clicked. I saw him developing the same eating habits I had. I fought too hard to have him, and here I was allowing him to develop in the same manner as myself.

It’s amazing isn’t it that we cannot see yourself even when you looking at yourself in the mirror every single day. I honestly do believe I was in denial, and ignoring all the signs, like cloths we not becoming any smaller, I could not walk much, needed help in wearing my cloths so many I can’t even remember.

In 2017, I was fearful that if something didn’t change, I wouldn’t be around to see all of my Noah’s milestones. They say hindsight is 20/20, but if I could go back and talk to my overweight self this is what I would say to her and all those who are fighting this battle. I would also tell myself to take all the energy I was putting into self-loathing and all the negativity about myself and invest in the time for myself, turning my self into a better version of me, since I am the one who matters!

“Stop wishing for a better figure, and start loving yourself first”

I spent so much time wishing I had the perfect figure and trying to be that perfect woman/girl that you hear about, but they don’t exist. You know the one I am talking about, the one:

  • who never has had weight problems
  • that girl who can wear that dress and not have lumps and bumps
  • make the dress sway and flow too

and guess what I have come to discover that she doesn’t exist and that “perfect” girl has her own issues, sad but true, it is just that they aren’t as visible as being overweight.

I Embrace all the things that make me! I love myself so much even my Fab Mr. AS ❤️, asks me how can I love him and Noah so much, if I love myself so much first?

My reply is “if I didn’t love myself as I do now, then I would not be able to love them so much and always be grateful for all that I have. And that they would be miserable around me”

I don’t have a perfect life, I have my own struggles in raising our little boy and working on a beautiful marriage is not a walk in the park always, all relationships have their ups and downs. But I can promise you this, you will FLOURISH, as the conqueror of your own battle, only if you put all your energies into being the best version of yourself ❤️

April 2013


2016 and October 2019


Born to Shine

Selfie attempt in the past and now.
I was born to shine, me myself and I

I am not where I want to be, but I am glad I am not where I used to be. I am not here to please anyone. The change is slow and steady.
Choose wisely.


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Life with Diabetes

Just under 4 weeks ago at about 5.30 am, I was rushed from Bowshar Ployclinic to the Royal Hospital with blood sugar levels were 15.6 and rising. This is when I was diagnosed with diabetes, this came to a shock to all of us since 5 weeks prior to that my random glucose check was 6.2.

Anyway going back to getting diagnosed and my experience of a prick on the finger and an ECG, the doctor on duty had me rushed to the Royal Hospital (my only thoughts were what about N my little boy, Aiman and my Parents) for a full profile of all my organs – I already had a needle and hospital phobia so I was pretty petrified!. My blood sugar was 16.8. I was admitted in hospital (to be released – maybe) that’s when they tagged me (hate those things). Guess what with my blood sugar at 12 I was released without meds!!! – NO COMMENTS

My parents managed 2  diabetologist  in my local health centre who are brilliant, where they recommended more tests and after that injections, the thought of injecting myself again (I had gestational diabetes – pregnancy)  again was scaring me, a transfer to the  National Centre for Endocrine and Diabetes, was where I met the diabetes team also another Brilliant doctor. – dedicated team unlike my experience with Royal Hospital.

I couldn’t believe how well I looked but how poorly I actually was – I suppose the change in my life style helped. It has prepared me for this.

My Mon and Dad do not believe that I should be telling the world about this, my take is why hide it, I was not suffering from anything when morbidly obese, no symptoms of anything that come with being diabetic till today nothing,  and now I am diabetic on meds and injections.

I believe that my recent change in lifestyle has prepared me for this, only I can change my current situation which I am, with the help of my family. Learning about all this to stabalise my blood sugar levels has not been easy and is a learning curve.

The support I have from my family is unbelievable from my parents (who are worried about their 44 year old daughter, like i was 5 years old), my Husband @aimansabil, my son, my sister @chris_in_oman and my sisterinlaws, and Delia.

I believe that an immense part of diabetes is the mental health aspect to it  & recognizing that life with it doesn’t have to be frightening or a dietary death sentence.


Being physically active has many other benefits

I improve his health by encouraging him to increase his physical activity.
Regular physical activity is one of the ways to help prevent the development of chronic illnesses.
Being physically active has many other benefits as well including: 🔹️Builds self esteem 🔹️Reduces stressors including feelings of depression, anxiety, and inadequacy 🔹️Helps develop and maintain healthy bones 🔹️Increases muscle mass which is crucial to the body’s efficient metabolism 🔹️Teaches positive healthy habits 🔹️Teaches self-discipline and teamwork
I hope by changing my lifestyle I have prevented him from being obease.

I am not here to please anyone. Choose wisely.

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I lead a healthy way of life

Many people ask me which diet I am following.

I do not follow any “diet plan.” I lead a healthy way of life.
That’s the best way to lose weight, live fit, stay young, and be more efficient.
Incorporate a healthy lifestyle gradually so that it’s a smooth transition.
This will soon become a habit and transform into a healthy lifestyle over a period.

I am not here to please anyone. Choose wisely.


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Turning 44

So I initially wasnt going to make a post about it being my birthday. Not because of my age, but just because.
However, my darling husband Aiman
decided to post it, so i felt that the start to my beautiful Birthday (الحمد لله) should be shared.
I am grateful to God that I am able to celebrate my 44th with precious little one, my husband, mom, dad and family.
All my happiness and riches in life are mentioned they are my family.
My son thinks I am 26 today. that Fact will remain so 😌 With lots of pressies, flowers and Cake.  Did you know that It is all about this yummy cake made by my Ma @thedriedlemon an amazing family, friends with lots of positivity, love and affection.   I am grateful for my blessings given to me from the heavens above.
Ps: hubby Aiman ❤ got me make up! How should it be take 😌 I wonder 😈👻?
#bethechange it adds up to big results. Start today! And let’s add life relationship coach to background 🤣🥰

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