About Me

Let me start with my name, it is Amal Al Khaburi. I am Local Mom  and Entrepreneur from the Sultanate of Oman to the most adorable little 7 year old. I was encouraged to share  my weight loss journey, that Started in May 2017.

I have been overweight as far as I can remember, my days in school, university even when I started working, when I got married, pregnant it was there, in my head “I should be accepted the way I am” would always be the little voice speaking to me.

I always got “you have a beautiful face, if only you lost a little weight” and am sure many who have been in my place can relate to what I am saying (why we are in denial is a topic for a few posts I think). At different stages of life,  I must have tried everything from memberships in most GYM’s in my city Muscat, to diets, groups,even  health farms in the UK, you name it I did, even the wiring of my jaws so i wouldn’t eat. The only thing I have not done is the surgery where they rearrange your insides.

March/APRIL 2017 I reached my maximum weight which was 185++ KG. I will be sharing before and after pictures through out my journey which continues.

So kindly bear with me till I figure out the process of blogging.