Reinventing my social media

It’s been a tough road. A series of personal trials that began in 2017 — the acceptance and not so much the realization (as this was known to me) that i have been morbidly obese for 3 decades and I needed to do something about it, the 2nd an end to a 10 year marriage (my second), 3rd, becoming a single mom at the time and stepping down from my dreams to maintain a healthy relationship with the past for my Son. This became my stepping stone, creating a step at a time. Turing my life around for his wellbeing.

After several trials on and off social media in I have finally found the what I would like to put out there for the world and Oman.

3 weeks ago I published an Instagram post that I was reinventing it, unfortunately I started to vomit pink and black. I glad to announce that this has evolved in the last few weeks.


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