Oman the Canvas Painted by Qaboos

“Oman the masterpiece created by Qaboos to be completed by our Sultan Haitham binTariq”


This is how he built Oman.

We stand today having lost a man who built solid foundations, not just in buildings but he built Us as men and women to stand strong.

We Oman are not a nation that will sink and be swallowed in a world of illusion, we have the strength of our father “Qaboos” his leadership created the most iconic asset that has been globally recognised.

What is “Qaboos’s” legacy, the asset he left behind it is us “Omanis” a unity, a rare form of humanity, that has stunned the world.

For a man who loved art we are his greatest masterpiece, his legacy.
Oman is

“The most beautiful art created by Qaboos” beauty with an address, put together with unconditional love to last for eternity.

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