HM Sultan Qaboos -The Father and His Nation

OMAN, November 18, 2019 49 years of visionary leadership , Happy National Day Oman & Happy Birthday to an Amazing Leader that we (nationally & internationally) are privileged to know.

God made only one of him and we are blessed with calling him our Sultan, our Pride and Joy:

  • 23rd of July 1970
  • HM Sultan Qaboos assumes power and unifies the country under the Sultanate of Oman.
  • Oman enters into the world and starts to become a modern state.

As an Arab country that has developed in a short period of time, Oman has successfully maintained its identity, unique culture, traditions and heritage.

This hard work and determination of the Omani people was lead by the clear vision of Qaboos Bin Said, the Sultan of Oman.

Did you know that in 1970

  • we had 3 school,
  • two hospitals and
  • approx. 10 km of road
  • Oman’s Sultans are included in the US Constitution as to be received by the President.
  • The rest of the rulers are received by the Secretary of State.
  • This is because The Sultanate of Oman was The First Country to Recognize The formation of the USA & Send an Ambassador to the USA.

 Cultural Diversity 

  • To understand the people and the culture you must understand the history
  • Oman’s diverse society today is a direct result of the history
  • Arab/ Africa/ Asian/ Persian/ Western influences have shaped the Omani
  • As a result, many languages are spoken in Oman • Arabic is the official language • Swahili, Katchi, Balushi, Jabali, Shuhi, Ajmi, Hindi etc.

  • 1507 – Portugese partially occupy Oman
  • 1650 – Expulsion of Portugese
  • 1737 – Persians invade
  • 1749 – Ahmed Bin Said becomes the first AlBusaid imam
  • 1750 – 1841 Al Busaid Dynasty create an empire that rules from Parts of Indian subcontinent to the east coast of Africa
  • 1842 – Zanzibar is split from Muscat and Oman
  • 1843 – Sultanate Muscat & Oman created
  • 1888 – Sultan Faisal bin Turki takes throne
  • 1915 – Interior tribes ride on Muscat
  • 1920 – Treaty of Sib is signed1932 – Sultan Said bin Taimur assumes throne
  • 1958 – Sultan Said bin Taimur regains control of the interior
  • 1964 – Oil reserves are discovered; extraction begins in 1967

I  had a so much to say and write and realized it all comes down to this:

We pray and ask God to keep him safe and in good health for all of us. And are blessed to be a part of Oman. Personally I can’t help being emotional about it, but a simple and humble thank you to  for giving us and Oman all that you have, and all of you.

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