#nike At a Sexy Pace

So I am flat footed, finding the right shoes has always been a problem for me, and being the weight that I used to be it wasn’t easy.

Comfort before fashion has always been my thing. I will not compromise on self comfort.

So in brief if I am not comfortable I won’t wear it fashion or not.

So when I started working out and decided a lifestyle change is needed there were a few brands that of sports shoes that I tried and ended up settling for #Nike.

These are the reasons behind my love 😍 for #nike:

  • Comfort – I feel like my feet are on pillows

  • They have been good to my knees 😊

  • The science behind is well throughout

#nike now needs to come up with a mama and son edition coz my munchkin wants to wear #Nike’s like mama

The accessories are also good; I use the socks and gloves.

So my advice if your buying your #nike in Muscat Oman go directly to the Muscat City Center Brand Shop’s of #Nike. They really know how to understand a persons feet and needs, the others don’t.

I will be moving on to my 4th pair in less than 8 months


“Sexy Pace”

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